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November 26, 2021by helo-10

Looking for budget-friendly gift options for your family and friends this holiday season? There’s no better gift than the gift of knowledge. Whether they’re interested in gaming, coding or finance, these eLearning bundles can teach them a variety of skill sets and achieve certifications that will help them succeed in their future careers or hobbies. 

You can choose from one or more of these 20 eLearning bundles typically worth thousands of dollars, they’re now all under $20 thanks to the Black Friday Sale coupon code BFSAVE70, a unique opportunity you don’t want to pass up. From Adobe to Javascript to Microsoft Excel, there are a bunch of different programs to pick from, making it easy to find something that’ll suit the needs of all your loved ones. So what do each of these bundles have to offer? Let’s learn more! 


For gamers who are interested in mobile and video game building or monetization, they can master the best animation development skills and practices across 146 hours of training, 17 courses and 937 lessons on Unity and Blender. They’ll be able to make games without coding, create a 2D clicker game that can passively generate income, build games from scratch with pixel art and more. 

Get The 2021 Premium Unity Game Developer Certification Bundle for $6 (reg. $3400) with coupon BFSAVE70



For game designers who are just starting out, this bundle will help you build your own games and eventually master game development on Unity, Unreal and C#. With 6 courses and 284 lessons, this is the perfect starter kit for anyone interested in working on different projects. 

Get The Unreal & Unity Game Development for Beginners Bundle for $9 (reg. $1200) with coupon BFSAVE70



This bundle will show you the ins and outs of Python Programming with 10 courses and 91 hours of lessons on the world’s leading programming language. This is useful for hitting career goals and taking earnings to the next level. 

Get The Premium Python Programming Certification Bundle for $9 (reg. $2000) with coupon BFSAVE70



For artists looking to register their art in an open marketplace, this bundle is for them. They’ll learn to create their own NFT, which will legally protect the rights of their original art. There are also lessons on mastering cryptocurrency, making it a total of 6 courses and 152 lessons included in the bundle.  

Get The Complete NFT & Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Masterclass Bundle for $9 (reg. $1200) with coupon BFSAVE70



This is a boot camp-like bundle for beginners and experts who want to learn Javascript coding for the first time or brush up on their skills. With 8 courses and 917 lessons, you can start off with the basics and be able to build your own project by the end of it.  

Get The 2022 Javascript Developer Bootcamp Certification Bundle for $9 (reg. $1600) with coupon BFSAVE70



Learning Microsoft Excel is essential to any career path. This training bundle will make you a master of Excel by teaching the fundamentals of Excel, Power Query, VBA, Macros and more including 6 courses and 447 lessons. With over 100 thousand students enrolled and award-winning certified Microsoft Excel instructors like Chris Dutton, this is a must-have for everyone’s repertoire

Get The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle for $10.20 (reg. $945) with coupon BFSAVE70



For creatives that want to step up their editing game, this bundle has all the necessary skill sets. There are 537 lessons across Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and InDesign along with 8 top-rated courses. Create your own logos, edit videos and build your own web pages with this all-in-one Adobe bundle. 

Get The All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Certification Course Bundle  for $10.20 (reg. $1600) with coupon BFSAVE70



Looking to broaden your web development skills? This 25-course super bundle has 452 lessons and provides fundamental experience in programs like AWS, Azure, CSS, HTML, Java, Python and more. A great priced bundle for beginners looking for intro-level classes. 

Get The 25 Course Web Development Super Bundle for $10.20 (reg. $2475) with coupon BFSAVE70



For scientists or anyone who’s interested in artificial intelligence, this is truly the ultimate 4-in-1 package. There are 4 courses and 674 lessons covering machine and deep AI learning, plus Python and Tensorflow 2.0 programming. 

Get The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Scientist Certification Bundle for $10.50 (reg. $799) with coupon BFSAVE70



This all-in-one computer science certification bundle will equip you with the necessary essentials, providing 11 courses and 100+ hours of content in Java, C++, Ruby on Rails, Python and more, everything needed for an introduction to computer science subjects.

Get The 2021 All-in-One Computer Science Certification Bundle for $10.50 (reg. $2200) with coupon BFSAVE70



This bundle comes with lifetime access to 5 courses on Unreal Engine, C++ and game development. For someone looking to elevate game development skills, this bundle has 95 hours of content that will have them coding a new video game within 100 minutes. With more than 35,000 5-star reviews, this is a well-trusted bundle for a great price. 

Get The 2022 Ultimate Learn Unreal Game Development Bundle for $10.50 (reg. $875) with coupon BFSAVE70



Calling all coders at beginner or advanced levels this bundle will build up your skill sets. With 10 courses and 1,407 lessons on Javascript, HTML website building, data mining with Python and more. 

Get The 2022 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle for $11.70 (reg. $2300) with coupon BFSAVE70



What can be more exciting than shooting your first movie with a drone? This all-in-one bundle comes with a 40-hour comprehensive drone videographer bundle, containing 7 courses and 225 lessons. Learn all the ins and outs of maneuvering the drone, while getting the perfect shot. 

Get The All-in-One Phantom DJI Drone & Mavic Filmschool Bundle for $12 (reg. $1400) with coupon BFSAVE70



For a career in computer science, you don’t have to spend a fortune on courses when you can now get this bundle for only $12. Across 9 courses and 86 hours of content, you can get a comprehensive education on computer science programs and lessons on hypothesis testing, probability foundations and more. 

Get The 2022 Premium Computer Science Career Path Certification Bundle for $12 (reg. $1800) with coupon BFSAVE70



This latest coding bundle version will hone tech skills and pile up your expertise with 15 premium courses and 1,933 on NFT, JavaScript, DApp, AWS, HTML, Swift 5.5 and more. This bundle will give you lifetime access to highly-rated instructors and important skills needed to become an expert coder. 

Get The 2022 All-in-One Learn to Code Certification Bundle for $13.50 (reg. $3000) with coupon BFSAVE70



For people interested in a rewarding tech career, this bundle will build a reputation as a certified CompTIA professional. Learn CompTIA fundamentals with hardware basics, troubleshooting, software installation, security and networking. 

Get The 2021 Complete CompTIA Certification Prep Super Bundle for $14.70 (reg. $4400) with coupon BFSAVE70



Continuing to learn new skills and grow is an attainable goal for anyone who wants access to 1000+ premium online courses on coding, design, marketing and much more. From blockchain to iOS development, StackSkills stays ahead of the biggest trends and offers up-to-date information. A big plus is StackSkills’ highly rated and elite instructors that are passionate about sharing learnings based on first-hand successes and failures. 

Get StackSkills Unlimited: Lifetime Access for $17.70 (reg. $1495) with coupon BFSAVE70



Windows users will have the chance to understand functions, write scripts and automate tasks to increase daily productivity with these courses. With 166 lessons, sifting through Windows applications will become a breeze. 

Get The 2022 Windows PowerShell Certification Bundle for $20 (reg. $1200) 



Infosec4TC is for people who want to advance their career in cyber security. The bundle includes security essentials, needs and concerns of not only today’s businesses but tomorrow’s challenges, and will work closely to meet career goals. If it’s a certificate you’re after, Infosec4TC has mentors that will guide you to reach your highest potential in the cyber security industry. 

Get Infosec4TC Platinum Membership: Cyber Security Training Lifetime Access for $20.70 (reg. $999) with coupon BFSAVE70


Prices subject to change. 


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