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December 19, 2021by helo-10

MOSCOW, December 19. /TASS/. Tests of the looking-forward radar reconnaissance drone based on the Orion unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) are scheduled for completion by 2022 year-end, a source in the Russian defense industry told TASS.

“The drone with the onboard radar, developed by Kronshtadt company specialists on the basis of the Orion reconnaissance and strike UAV, is undergoing flight tests at present. They are planned to be completed by the end of 2022. In case of their successful completion the decision will be made about introduction of this aircraft into service with the Russian Armed Forces,” the source said. Prospects of using such drone in the Armed Forces of Russia are very good, he added.

The Orion drone fitted with the radar is capable to perform surveillance of various seaborne and ground targets, including reconnaissance of air defense missile sites, air defense and missile defense complexes, and get other information, the source noted.

“The new Orion reconnaissance UAV will be able to perform functions of target designation for strike drones and transmit data for a swarm of drones. Furthermore, this drone is planned for introduction into the reconnaissance and strike channel of the integrated battlefield control system currently undergoing deployment in units and elements of the Russian Ground Forces,” he added.

TASS has no official confirmation for this piece of information.

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