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November 3, 2021by helo-10

November 3, 2021

AKS Engineering & Forestry






AKS Engineering & Forestry welcomed five new employees to the company: Tim Hollenbeck, Tyler Joki, Julie Marquis, Matt Steigleder, and Paul Stull III.

Tim Hollenbeck, PLS, is a Washington-registered professional land surveyor, drone specialist, and FAA-certified Remote Pilot. He earned a BA in geography at Western Washington University and brings 22 years of experience in traditional and high-tech surveying for residential and commercial land development to AKS’ Vancouver office. Tyler Joki comes to AKS with 13 years of experience in natural resources conservation and project management. He has worked for private engineering groups and local and federal agencies in the Portland area with a focus on wetlands restoration, aquatic resources monitoring, and feasibility assessment of environmentally sensitive projects. He is also a licensed landscape contractor and holds a BS in biology from Portland State University.

Julie Marquis recently joined AKS as Marketing Proposal Manager. Marquis has broad experience across the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. She has 13 years of marketing expertise under her belt, nine of which were acquired with engineering firms. Marquis brings strong leadership, strategic planning, communications, and research abilities to the AKS marketing team. Matt Steigleder, PE, is a project manager and transportation engineer with nine years’ experience designing and managing urban and rural roadway projects. Steigleder earned his BS in civil engineering at Oregon State University. He has extensive experience working on traffic engineering projects for the Oregon Department of Transportation, working on every part of the process from conceptual design alternatives through construction support.

Paul Stull III, PE, has joined the AKS team in Tualatin as a project engineer. Stull III holds a BS in civil engineering and an MS in environmental engineering from Oregon State University. He has nearly 30 years’ combined experience managing commercial, industrial, private, and public projects, with a focus on environmental and water resources. He is a licensed environmental engineer in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.

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