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October 28, 2021by helo-10


We’re all fuzzy animals in need of care

John Tirro, Shopper News

I came across a Proverb the other day I hadn’t noticed before, “The righteous know the needs of their animals; but the mercy of the wicked is cruel” (Proverbs 12:10).

I think there are at least three pieces of wisdom in that.

First comes predictably from my dog, Emma. As I was reading that Proverb in my favorite chair, she came over, having finished her breakfast, and pressed her warm, fuzzy head into my hand, both being affectionate and reminding me it was time to let her out. I’m not claiming broad, personal righteousness for picking up on that, just noting that there is a rightness, a sense of things-as-they-should-be, about being well-trained by your dog to help her be happy.

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