Commercial Drones PilotsSomalia Detains Two Turkish Nationals Over Drone Consignment

November 4, 2021by helo-10

The National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) have interrogated two Turkish nationals after a shipment of drones was seized at Aden Adde International.

The two Turkish nationals were freed by the National Intelligence and Security Agency after the intervention of the Turkish embassy.

In a statement, legislator Zakariye Haji Mohamud who claimed ownership of the drones said they were used for “agricultural irrigation”.

“The drones, imported from Turkey by Hufan, a company that specializes in pest control, irrigation and all agricultural activities, were illegally confiscated by NISA,” said Zakariye.

According to the lawmaker, the drones were to fight and spray locusts, irrigate crops and identify areas where rivers are vulnerable to flooding.

The shipment was confiscated last week by the National Intelligence and Security Agency.

This comes barely two days after Somalia’s Puntland state banned the use of drones in the region, which it says is posing a significant security issue.

The Ministry of Security said that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), more popularly known as drones, cannot be deployed near any ports of entry, including seaports and airports as well as government security checkpoints.

Legally, a drone permit is not required for recreational flying in Somalia, but the federal government offers guidelines for drone pilots. A permit is required for commercial drone use in Somalia.

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