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September 18, 2021by helo-10

An important program of assistance in the transfer of pharmaceutical material will be implemented by the Development Societe Anonyme OTA of the Municipality of Trikala, e-Trikala SA, during the current period, participating in the European program “HARMONY” being the national pilot of the European large-scale project for sustainable pharmaceutical transport in cities via unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flights.

The pilot application in the city of Trikala, in more detail, concerns the issue of urban air traffic, and in particular provides for the use of aircraft (drones) for the transport of pharmaceutical material, from the Pharmacists Association of Trikala (SYFTA) to regional pharmacies.

In order to achieve the pilot, so far, a series of conferences have been held with stakeholders, such as the Association of Pharmacists of Trikala and the Cooperative of Pharmacists of Trikala (SYFTA). In addition, according to a relevant announcement, the cooperation of the project team with the Civil Aviation Authority in the planning of flights and the issuance of licenses was essential. Finally, the European Investment Bank (EIB) assisted in the effort to set the standards for the utilization of this new technology in the field of medicine and to reduce its receipt / dispatch time.

It is worth noting that the support and active involvement of the pharmaceutical industry is necessary to make the pilot test in the city of Trikala effective in terms of timely delivery of medicines in emergencies as well as to citizens who have reduced accessibility and mainly by hand. pharmacist ‘.

The system of drones will be implemented, as stressed by the head of e-Trikala SA, Odysseas Raptis, on a pilot basis for two (2) months based on the regulatory framework of the Department of Civil Aviation. The desired result, he continues, is to investigate the use of drones in drug distribution. The pilot application is more important in emergency situations, due to the need for faster and more efficient transport of goods and use of telematics applications.

During the European Mobility Week and specifically on Tuesday 21/9 at 12 noon, the first test flight of the European Harmony project will take place in Trikala. The dispatch of the drugs by drone will be undertaken by the Drug Warehouse of the Association of Pharmacists of Trikala (SYFTA), while the respective package will be received by the competent pharmacist of the village.

More specifically, the first flight with SmieA (drone) for the transport of drugs, as it is known, will have a take-off point at GiSeMi HUB and a destination for the pharmacy in the area of ​​Leptokarya. The pilot test will take place in the presence of the mayor of Trikala and president of KEDE, Dimitris Papastergiou, the executives of the Civil Aviation Service, the Association of Pharmacists of Trikala and implementing bodies of the European program.

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