Commercial Drones PilotsTikTok duo from Clarksville wipes wish lists for 250 homeless and fostered teens

December 1, 2021by helo-10

CLARKSVILLE, TN (CLARKSVILLE NOW) – The last time Clarksville Now checked in on TikTok duo Leslie Segla and Mary Alice McCaslin, in May, they had just over 283,000 followers. Since then, they have amassed about 150,000 more, and to celebrate, they decided to “wipe the list” for 250 homeless and fostered youth.

“This year we decided to go bigger, which last year it was only 150 and it was with other TikTokkers,” Leslie said.

The duo decided to do a wish list challenge to benefit 250 homeless and fostered teens. The organizations they donated and bought gifts for were the Grandparents as Parents Program, the Isaiah 117 House and Youth Wins.

The Grandparents as Parents program gives support to relatives of children who have taken over guardianship to prevent them from going into foster care. Youth Wins supports homeless teens who have aged out of foster care and were never adopted. The Isaiah 117 House creates transitional housing for foster children, as well as providing emotional support to make those transitions easier.

Leslie told Clarksville Now these causes are dear to her heart.

“Growing up, we had a very traumatic childhood – me and my sister – so knowing what it was like, there were Christmases where you didn’t get stuff you wanted at all,” Leslie said. “I was given a huge list of things, and I’m able to shop specifically for every child based off of their interests.”

The wish list challenge was broken into separate sub-challenges based on their goals. After they hit the first goal, they pied each other in the face. To celebrate their next goal, they filmed a baby food roulette. When they finished the list, they got dumped with ice water.

On their first livestream, some followers donated gifts to the cause and even left a personalized message with their purchases thanking the two for the laughter and their willingness to give back.

“I like inspiring people to do positive things instead of making negative content,” Mary Alice told Clarksville Now.

“I want them to have that gift where they’re just proud of it, like ‘Guess what I got for Christmas, I can’t wait to go back to school and share what I got,’” Leslie said.

On Nov. 24, Leslie, Mary Alice, and a group of her best friends gathered together to wrap over 150 of the 250 gifts.

Leslie said they could not have done that without the support they’ve received.

“From the get-go, we’ve always wanted the followers – and I don’t like to call them ‘followers,’ I feel like they’re our community of people because their support to us is what brings joy to us as well,” Leslie said.

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