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July 22, 2021by helo-10

Skydio has announced availability of its breakthrough autonomous drone Skydio 2 and integrated software solutions — Skydio Autonomy Enterprise Foundation3D Scan and Cloud — for enterprise and public sector customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Skydio has also announced that Skydio X2 and Skydio 2 have obtained Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) certification. These announcements mark the next step in Skydio’s international expansion strategy in Asia Pacific, following the opening of Skydio’s Japan office in Q4 of 2020.

Drones have proven to be critical tools for enterprise, military agencies, and first responders around the world. Nevertheless, the workload-intensive nature of traditional manual drones has so far hindered the scope of Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) programs. The complexity of manually flown missions coupled with the high risk of crashes limits the applicability of manual drones to a small subset of use cases and drives up the cost of pilot training. In addition, the cyber-security risk associated with Chinese-made products precludes many organizations from the added benefits and efficiency of cloud services, increasing the total cost of ownership.

Skydio solves these challenges transforming drones into intelligent AI-powered devices that are fundamentally simpler, safer and more cost effective to operate. The introduction of Skydio 2 in 2019 marked the beginning of an ambitious innovation roadmap to take drones into the age of AI-driven autonomy — an agenda that accelerated in 2021 with the release of the Skydio X2.

“Autonomous drones have finally arrived and I couldn’t be more excited about joining the clear leader in this space, Skydio. I look forward to working with enterprise and public sector customers in Australia and New Zealand to introduce Skydio’s AI-powered autonomous drones to their fleets. So far, the market has been dominated by manual products that are labour intensive and difficult to operate. There is a clear demand for smarter drones that are easier to use, deliver real automation and come from trustworthy providers. Skydio’s autonomous drones and advanced integrated software respond to this need unlocking the massive untapped potential of drones,” Richard Hall, Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand at Skydio, was quoted as saying.


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