Commercial Drones PilotsVancouver drone store opens as drone economy to reach $54 billion

August 26, 2021by helo-10

The global drone market is expected to grow to $54.6 billion by 2025. In Canada, more than 17% growth by 2027 is expected for the commercial market. Drones are stimulating industry innovation in many sectors including construction, agricultural, and delivery of goods.

“While drones are having a disruptive effect on many industries, they are also a lot of fun and our new store has all the drones a hobbyists could ask for,” says Zubin Kothawala, CEO, Skymount Drones.

Drone enthusiasts are invited to the Grand Opening of Skymount Drones new store this Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm (August 28 and 29) where there will be consumer model demonstrations, raffle prizes (including the latest DJI mini drone), discounts and gift bags with purchase.

In its 2021 report, Drone Strategy to 2025, Transport Canada states “drones are transforming the transportation sector and redefining aviation with ground-breaking technologies both creating new industries and completely altering existing ones, and exponentially increasing the number of both recreational and commercial drone pilots sharing the airspace. The economic benefits for Canada are substantial as drones are rapidly becoming part of the business operations of key commercial sectors.”

In addition to drones, Skymount provides drone applications services that combine imaging solutions, long range thermal and electro-optics, data collection, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud computing to tackle pressing issues like wildfire detection, pipeline inspection while saving lives by accessing hard to reach areas.

The technology behind these systems is SCIMON, Skymount’s geospatial AI that integrates electro-optics, with cloud technology. Skymount Drones delivers high-quality products as well as tailored and cost-effective solutions to clients, with a strong emphasis on first responders, government, and industrial. Its drones have a wide range of applications including aerial filming, videography, surveying, asset inspection, and public safety.

Headquartered in Calgary, with facilities in Toronto and now Vancouver, Skymount Drones is a DJI Authorized Dealer and also owns and operates DroneShopCanada.caMultirotorHeliDJI Shop Canada and a DJI Service Center.

Skymount Drones was formed in 2017 by Zubin Kothawala, CEO. Having previously overseen more than one billion dollars in satellite communications projects around the world, Kothawala has attracted a strong team of industry experts in artificial intelligence, global finance and high-performance electro optics.

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