UAV Drone IndustryXBOOM Utilities Launched VFLYX- the ‘Make in India’ High-End UAV (Drone) Technology Company in Bangalore

October 21, 2021by helo-10

Mr. Saurav further added, “We at VFLYX believe drones will create a major impact on a wide spectrum of people ranging from civilians and agriculturists to defense and various mainstream industries such as telecommunication and will one day become as common as cell phones. We hope to reach the pinnacle of success with this initiative since the crux of our intention is to help people and bolster the field of technology. With favorable conditions like the recent change in policies for drones and the various initiatives by our honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi Ji, to make India the global hub by the year 2020, we intended to launch VFLYX under the umbrella of XBOOM, exclusively dedicated to catering to Consulting, Designing, and Manufacturing of Customized Drones for all the sectors across India.”

Mr. Rohit Dey (Ex-NASA), CTO, VFLYX India said, “Our drones will be unique in themselves since the chassis will be constructed using cutting-edge carbon fiber with advanced honey comb technology in lieu of plastic, unlike the ones we get in India commonly. To upscale our company and offer a holistic experience to our customers, we will also provide a certification course in Pilot Training Programme. Our drones will be tailor-made in accordance with the requirements of our customers. We are blessed with an enthusiastic and stellar team that takes all obstacles in stride, behaving as if they were stepping stones to success.”

Few observations as per the World’s adoption of drones:

  • Unit sales will grow from 828 thousand in 2021 to almost 1.4 million in 2026 at 10.6% CAGR.
  • Energy remains the industry with the highest adoption of drones, though Cargo, Courier Services, Intralogistics, and Warehousing have the highest CAGR.
  • Mapping & Surveying is and will remain the top application of drones, followed by Inspection as well as Photography & Filming.

Mr. Vishal also added, “The sole purpose behind creating this company is the welfare of the society and this is what motivated me and my team to concoct this novel idea. With the accelerated adoption of technology in today’s world, it is the most fertile and conducive time to introduce this relatively new technology to today’s society. We, as a drone technology company, have shouldered the responsibility of ‘simplifying lives, with the use of drones’. Since Drone is the future, we are confident that VFLYX will dominate the market under the leadership of Rohit, who is an Ex-NASA personnel and rise to become one of the pioneers in the industry.”

XBOOM is already a known player in the market for gadgets and technology. However, home-grown drones are most likely to fare better in this atmosphere of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat.’ VFLYX offers advanced features, counter error response programming, easy accessibility via mobile/tab, and an easily usable GUI. With customization, VFLYX is all set to meet industries’ drone expectations and deliver the best results.

XBOOM operates pan-India with offices in Bangalore and New Delhi. With the launch of its new UAV (Drone) division, VFLYX, it is in the process of expanding its footprint in India and overseas. The start-up is already in the process of setting up offices in other key locations in India as well as overseas such as Dubai, the USA, Singapore, and so on.

About VFLYX India:

VFLYX India aims to accelerate the World’s transition to drones, therefore simplifying the way of life with the vision to become one of the World’s leading companies, bringing transformation & improvement in the lives of people. VFLYX’s drones are categorized into 4 series – (Surveillance and Inspection, Air Cargo, Surveying and Mapping and Spraying and Seeding). The technology behind VFLYX drones possesses world-class structure and materials in terms of hardware. The rugged-built and lightweight endows the drones with a longer range. The ultra-high-definition camera fixed in the state-of-the-art design of the drones would deliver excellent video and picture quality. The Unique Selling Proposition of VFLYX is cost-effectiveness, customization, easy deployment, ease of operation, fail-safe features, 24*7 customer service, and DGCA Compliance.

About XBOOM Utilities Pvt Ltd.:

XBOOM Utilities Pvt. Ltd. defines itself as a ‘one-stop e-commerce platform that is working to revolutionize the gadget buying experiences of people.’ Hitherto a start-up primarily focused on safety gadgets and devices, XBOOM has now evolved to incorporate within its periphery other electronic gadgets such as drones, segways, hoverboards, cleaning robots, educational robots, e-scooters, etc. as well. With a revamped look, XBOOM has now once again entered the market arena as XBOOM 2.0.

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