drone certificationXSOC CORP’s SOCKET Receives UL- 2900 Certification for Securing Encrypted Workflows of Today’s Enterprise and Industrial Connected Devices

July 28, 2021by helo-10

IRVINE, Calif.–()–XSOC CORP today announces that its symmetric key exchange product, SOCKET, has received UL 2900-1 Certification.

The rapid and secure “exchange” of symmetric encryption keys is the most critical component of the decryption process when utilizing symmetric encryption to secure data. SOCKET can meet both the scalability demands of today’s newest IoT, IIoT, IoBT devices, as well as speed and security demands required for use in OT/ICS environments that manage Critical Infrastructure.

Existing methods such as Kerberos, digital certificates managed using the Public Key Infrastructure process, and the complex infrastructure need for Quantum Key Distribution, don’t even come close to SOCKET’s flexibility and usability.

Attaining UL 2900-1 certification opens a plethora of new SOCKET integration opportunities and demonstrates to our software developer and hardware manufacturer partners that SOCKET is ready for immediate integration and deployment.

The UL 2900 Standard

UL 2900-1, the UL Standard for Software Cybersecurity for Network-Connectable Products, was published and adopted as an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard in July 2017. Certification and compliance with the ANSI/UL 2900-1 standard ensure that SOCKET’s risks, software vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and security controls have all been evaluated and have passed UL’s lengthy and thorough certification process.

SOCKET for Industrial, Commercial and Modern Devices

SOCKET can be used as a standalone (out-of-band) method of symmetric key transfer for legacy devices in an industrial (IT/OT) or commercial wireless security environment. Modern streaming video cameras in a warehouse or embassy can also include SOCKET. SOCKET is an ideal companion to the XSOC Cryptosystem which provides a secure solution for symmetric key exchange, enabling security in environments where TLS (SSL Certificates) are undesirable or infeasible. For the technically inclined, SOCKET may be thought of as an “N-Tier” version of Kerberos / X.509 technology, a 20-years advanced version of symmetric key transfer that does not have a single point of failure. Additionally, SOCKET allows API clients to designate any of the available NIST B-Suite algorithms for direct use in the underlying cryptokey transmission protocol.

Alternatively, SOCKET can be utilized in near-field / radio frequency (RF) and wireless transmissions that support hardened encryption security closed-circuit, limited-distance or intermittent ad-hoc network environments. Examples include securing drone-to-drone communications, tactical encrypted walkie-talkies, and other similar (battlefield) type environments that require rapid setup and tear-down.

“We are extremely proud that SOCKET has received UL 2900-1 certification,” said Richard Blech, XSOC CORP Founder & CEO. “Our engineering and scientific teams have designed an extremely scalable and robust mechanism that can be used by a wide spectrum of devices to securely exchange and decrypt information where other processes just aren’t viable.”

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Founded in 2018, XSOC CORP is based in Irvine, CA, with a senior management and technology engineering team that has developed four ground-breaking products in the areas of advanced, optimizable, symmetric cryptosystem encryption, both local and global symmetric key exchange mechanisms, and an optimized, high-performance, secure transmission protocol.

These four products; XSOC, SOCKET, WAN-SOCKET, and EBP are ideal for ​OEMs, systems integrators, military/law enforcement/government markets, IoT, IIoT, ICS/ Critical infrastructure environments, or in any environment where the security, integrity or availability of data are critical. The company goes to market via OEM partnerships, ISVs, Systems Integrators, Cybersecurity Resellers, via modular license agreements.

To become a sales partner, email [email protected] and use “sales partner” in the subject field.

For more information on XSOC CORP, email [email protected], on the web at https://www.xsoccorp.com or via Twitter @XSOC_CORP

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